► Structural dimension

The EDUQAS project has made an important contribution to establishing and strengthening cooperation between quality assurance agencies in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Through the implemented activities, the project brought together evaluators from these countries and contributed to the signing of a collaboration agreement between NAQA and IAAR.
Within this framework, the project has developed a structural dimension.
The good practices of European quality assurance agencies have been analyzed and taken into account for the further development of accreditation criteria for study programs. Moreover, the policies in the field of quality assurance in higher education of the two agencies have been correlated and harmonized with good European practices. In this context, the specific ministries from those two countries were also involved.
Transnational Cooperation
Letter of confirmation NAQA (Ukraine)
Partnership NAQA - IAAR
Cooperation Agreement between NAQA and IAAR
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Evaluation visit of NAQA experts to Nur-Sultan
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Fair of Erasmus+ CBHE Projects Results in Kazakhstan
♦ Actions in the field of QA in higher education on structural level
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