► Project Results

Expected results:


  • Report on QA policies in the European Higher Education Area. Particular aspects at consortium HEI’s
  • Report on QA policies in higher education in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Particular aspects at consortium HEI’s
  • Project website design and launch


  • Regulations on Accreditation of Study Programmes in Higher Education in Ukraine and Kazakhstan
  • Training meetings to create QA expert networks in PC


  • To create fully operational QA structures at each HEI partner from PC
  • Training meetings to extend QA expert networks in PC
  • Pilot internal and external evaluation of two study programmes from each HEI partner from PC


  • To develop the projects’ quality plan for progress monitoring and evaluation of all project activities


  • To develop the projects’ dissemination and exploitation strategy
  • To organize events (conferences, workshops, seminaries) in order to disseminate project results and to attract stakeholders growing the structural character of the project.
  • Trainings, workshops and other capacity building activities.
  • Dissemination of events via project website and participants websites.
  • Promotional campaign in the partner universities, by publishing posters, brochures and leaflets via different social media channels.
  • Internal dissemination.


  • To create management documents and tools: project handbook, monitoring and record of activities, technical reports, project website.
  • Financial management
  • To create management structures: steering committee, regional and national responsible committee/persons